Luna Eyes Self Heating Eye Mask

Each Luna Eyes Self-Heating Sleep Mask is designed to help you naturally drift off into a deeply relaxing slumber. Use any time, any place, or anywhere you require snooze-inducing darkness. It’s perfect if you’re a restless sleeper or struggle with broken sleep patterns, or ideal for use when meditating.

Luna Eyes Masks deliver a multi-sensory experience and unlike many other heated masks can be worn all night if desired. Wearing your Luna Eyes Mask provides snooze-inducing warmth and darkness. It’s a cosy compress that gently hugs the eyes, perfect for enjoying as part of your bedtime routine.

Each individual foil-wrapped eye mask holds its heat for approximately 25 minutes

To Sleep, To Dream, To Wake, Renewed!
Backed by science and developed by a company with strong links to self-heating technology, our luxurious eye masks promote relaxation and comfort thanks to an infusion of mind and body calming aromatherapy scents developed from natural essences.

Combined with gentle, patented, air-activated double Ecosteam technology, they deliver a soothing sensory sensation perfect for anyone having trouble sleeping, migraine sufferers, people with tired strained eyes, or to enjoy a pampering home-spa experience and are safe to wear overnight.

Safe for children over the age of 5 (please remove the mask once your child is asleep)

£3.95 per mask
£21.00 per box of 7 masks