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My story

The Skin Trainer was created in 2020 by Jodi Holland.

Cancer has been a part of my life since the age of 11, when my mum was diagnosed with Leukaemia. I always wanted to try and help people that had walked this journey with my work.

I was always going to be in this industry, I remember painting my mum’s nails and raiding her huge make up collection! I also remember creating a little facial salon in my bedroom!

During my career in the Health & Beauty industry I advanced to train in cancer safe massage (and also taught it during my Tutor/Assessor days), whilst also volunteering at Maggies for Look Good Feel Better – a charity that provides workshops for people experiencing the side effects of cancer treatment, to learn how to take care of their skin and apply cosmetics for improved self esteem.

During that time I received two cancer diagnoses myself, within the space of as many months. The first was Melanoma, then Breast Cancer. My dad was currently undergoing treatment for Leukaemia at this time, an extremely trying time for us all as a family, especially with all of the previous emotion that was attached.

I needed a focus as I knew I would be isolated for 6 months, so I decided to do some advanced skin training. Due to my medical treatment I couldn’t receive a skin treatment myself, but I was able to use the products at home on myself. That feeling of wellness, from a little self care with a range of safe, vegan products has never left me. That was the very beginning of my new business!

I now use my experience to educate and raise awareness around the importance of early detection, prevention and self care for wellness.

Why choose The Skin Trainer?

Health & Safety – Upon completing various COVID safety courses, and having taught health & safety, The Skin Trainer has implemented a strict, safe, hygienic environment at her private, personal home-based skin clinic (detached from the family home).

Just one client is seen on an individual basis at any given time, for a completely bespoke one to one service, ensuring full protection and privacy of clients at all times.

Experience – The Skin Trainer has experience and qualifications in over ten different specialist skin brands and devices, ensuring an informed and detailed skin health assessment and solutions are provided.

Trained by medical professionals – all of The Skin Trainer’s advanced skin specialist training has been provided by medically trained aestheticians and award-winning brands.

Passion – The Skin Trainer has an absolute passion for meeting new people, education and skin health, so combining these into a business is a dream come true!

To be able to offer a transformational experience, whilst also providing you with solutions and absolute indulgence, you can guarantee this will be your new favourite place!