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A cancer diagnosis does not mean that you have to miss out on your favourite treatments because you can’t find a practitioner with the relevant knowledge and expertise to deliver a safe and results driven treatment to leave you not only looking your best, but feeling lighter and taken care of too.

Whether you are just beginning your journey into a new cancer diagnosis, are mid treatment, or have now stepped out the other side, research shows that when taking an holistic approach to treatment and wellness, we are much better able to build resilience and to tolerate the negative effects that a diagnosis and treatment has on our mind and bodies.

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and ongoing treatments can affect the skin, hair, brows and lashes which takes it’s toll emotionally as well as physically. Skin may become dry, sensitive, red or flaky. Hair, lashes and brows may become dry, brittle and may thin or reduce.

There are many products and treatments on the market that claim to be safe for use during and post cancer / menopause, but may not provide the results that you need or could still cause irritation.

I have done the research and tried and tested a bespoke range of safe and effective products and treatments that will enable you to indulge in that much needed self care, safe in the knowledge that what you are using is safe, effective and non irritating.

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