Hayo’u – One Minute To Self Care

The Skin Trainer is a proud stockist of Hayo’u Self Care Products.

In line with The Skin Trainer’s ethos that Well-Being and Self-Care should be an integral part of the daily beauty regime, she has sourced this brand to compliment her in clinic treatments and home care offering due to the endless list of health benefits that it offers.

Hayo’u was founded by acclaimed Chinese medicine practitioner and best-selling author Katie Brindle, who after an accident discovered the immense self-healing power of Chinese medicine.

Now with over 20 years working in Chinese medicine, Katie has seen first-hand how this ancient wisdom can help many of our most pervasive modern ailments – from poor skin and bad digestion, to adrenal fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Her aim is to show that we all hold within us the power to treat ourselves better. These one-minute rituals are intended as a simple place to start. Thousands of years of Chinese wisdom, distilled into potent self-treatment remedies.


The complete product range can be bought from our clinic.

pHformula home care kits are recommended for home use to prepare the skin for resurfacing treatments, and for use post treatment, ensuring maximum results and reducing any risk of irritation.

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